Know that this post will not come close to articulating my experience at Taize, a couple weeks ago.  It is like this sign as you enter Taize… It only articulates a small portion of the languages that are utilized at Taize, each week. The week that I was there, there were 31 countries that made up our Taize community.


Each morning began with Bible study.  Brother Pedro led us, the older adults.  Our week’s theme was centered around, “Migration” aka: Immigration and welcoming the refugee among us.  Timely?


After Bible study, my small group met and further explored the Bible study theme for the day.  The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand and me from the United States, all gathered together to listen, share, stretch and open ourselves to The Light. BLESSED and HOLY time.

Taize, France

One afternoon I was blessed to happen upon “choir practice”.  Imagine 2500 young people from around the world singing and praying together with music like this…

The Taize bells invited us to gather, three times a day, with 10 minutes of bell ringing, to pray together.


So, we gathered…


With the bells ringing, 60 some Taize Brothers made there way to the center of the place of prayer.


…Kneeled, sat on the floor or sat in a chair… with 2500 others, kneeling or sitting on the floor.


…And we prayed: with song, scripture reading and silence.

This photo is of 2500 plus, young people from around the world, sitting or kneeling on the floor, in silent prayer.  No words or photos will ever be able to express what the Spirit revealed to me during those 8 minutes of silent prayer.  The revealing continues today…


Saturday night prayer, we entered into the the Holy vigil between Good Friday and the celebration of the Resurrection.


We gathered, sang, prayed…

Taize, France

…received and shared the Light.

Taize, FranceTaize, FranceTaize, France

As I conclude this post, know that I am beyond grateful for this Holy time at Taize.  I’m grateful for Holy Shepherd, loving me to this place.  I’m grateful for our sisters and brothers in Christ from around the globe who let their light shine on me during this week at Taize.  I’m grateful for Brad, Jackie and Jonathan whom I was blessed to journey with during my time in France.  And I’m grateful for my family who loved me before, during and after Taize.

Taize, thank you for your welcome, commitment and sharing of God’s life giving Light.

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