Revealings from Mt. Evans

Linda and I ventured up, up into the clouds and beyond.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-6

When we arrived at the top of Mt. Evans, we were greeted by a family that called this place, “home”.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-1Mt Evans 2018-5-28-3Mt Evans 2018-5-28-4

These two responded to mom’s call to gather back with her.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-5Mt Evans 2018-5-28-7

Things were so quiet around here up until three days ago.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-8

You have a beautiful smile.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-9

Loving the view from your neighborhood.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-2

May the Spirit reveal the beauty of life that surrounds you, right where you are.

Mt Evans 2018-5-28-10

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