Rising along the way

Rose before the sun and ventured upwards.  Sneaking a peak of the sun over Mt. Bierstadt as I head up Square Top Mountain.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-1

Along the way, the Spirit lifted me with delicate, yet, bold color…

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-2Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-4

Then I was lifted with the gift of a neighbor, who shared a moment with me.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-5

Then, I reflected on the upcoming climb.  It would have been a lot quicker to jump in the lake and “rise” to the peak that was reflected before me.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-3

Then the climb and a chance to look back for a moment.  Same water that I reflected in earlier.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-6

Then the first, “False” peak…

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-7

And finally, the view of the other side of the mountain.  Could stay here a long time…but the cold wind invited me to consider differently.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-9

So, the sights at the top caught my attention.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-10Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-11

Then, with the gathering of clouds, it was time to return.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-12

Some more neighbors came out to greet me along the way.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-13Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-14

Some, were busier than others.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-15

Tired, soar, yet my spirit was sky high.  Thank you, Spirit.

Square Top Mountain 2018-8-4-16

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