A journey brighter, higher, deeper and wider

The journey begins at Sprague Lake, receiving the new light, bouncing off my goal.   Hallett Peak is the middle peak with 12,713 feet of adventure waiting for me.  So, here we go.

facebook 2018-9-22-1

Rising above the morning haze.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-2

Encountering others on our shared trail.  These beauties were descending with ease, and me…huffing and puffing upwards.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-3Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-4

When all I can hear is my own breathing, a tiny call to pay attention, catches my ear.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-5

Taking a moment to look back at where I’ve been.  Blessed.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-6

Then…Tyndall glacier.  From hear I can see, Hallett Peak to my right and WAY out there, Sprague lake.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-7Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-11

I turn around and can see, WAY out there, Grand and Shadow Mountain Lakes.

Full disclosure, I made it to 12,590 feet when my knees sternly shared with me, “Remember, Michael you have to go back down these boulders and venturing upwards any further could be disastrous to us.”  Hallett Peak is 12,713 feet…123 feet more.  But, listening to my body, we turn back and journey down, FILLED with gratitude.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-8Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-9Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-10

Emerald Lake overlook.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-13Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-12Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-14

The beauty along the way.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-15Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-16Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-17Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-18

Bear Lake was a very welcome sight, with my knees thanking me and my heart busting with blessing.  Hallett Peak is the top peak.  Much love for the land below it…family will understand.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-19Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-20

3,100 vertical feet, 9.3 miles and 7.5 hours later, my life is fuller than before.  A journey that revealed a life filled with challenge, surprise, accomplishments, future goals, sacred conversations and a renewed love for the life I am blessed to live.  Thank you.

Hallett Peak ascent 2018-9-21-21


  1. I love reading about your journey and seeing your amazing photography! You look like you’re having so much fun! We miss you!

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