Revealing gift of light, path and journey

Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-1
Waiting with wonder
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-2
Subtle grandeur of promise
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-3
The majestic and light kiss
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-4
The journey continues, up, down, up, down and up again.
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-5
Invitation to slow down
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-13
And then…
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-12
… a reminder of the past and promise of new.
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-8
“Benches” everywhere, and so…
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-7
Gazing towards memories…
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-6
…memories that lift my spirit into the clouds and beyond.
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-9
Among the raging past, comes the steadfast promise of a new future.
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-11
Memories reveal a new beauty.
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-10
Invitation to return on the same path with the “new” stirring within and around me.
Resthouse Trail 2018-12-15-14
And, it is all stored in the tiniest of seeds, waiting to be revealed.


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