Waiting and watching…

Waiting and anticipating…the expected splendor.

Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-1Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-2Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-3

Watching for the first glimpse, of the expected and new…

Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-4

Promise, renewal, and illuminated revealings…

Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-6Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-7Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-8

As the cold melts away by the power of the new and eternal light…life’s thirst is quenched.

Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-9

…And new, ever so tiny, splendor is revealed.

Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-10Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-11

And again, life is watered with new hope and anticipation.

Red Rocks Trail 2019-3-18-12

May the Spirit reveal for you, life that is watered with a new light of LIFE.


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