Introduction to Holden Village

The two and a half hour boat ride up Chelan Lake…

Holden Village 2019-1

…a 30 minute bus ride…

Holden Village 2019-2

…brings us to our first glimpse of Holden Village.

Holden Village 2019-25

This old mining village, now welcomes visitors with a grace that few places have done for me.

Holden Village 2019-24Holden Village 2019-26Holden Village 2019-29Holden Village 2019-30Holden Village 2019-22Holden Village 2019-21

This woman’s face reveals the spirit that seems to embrace everyone that is blessed to experience, even for a short time, the spirit that is, Holden Village.

Holden Village 2019-14

To experience Holden Evening Prayer in Holden Village, lead by profoundly gifted musicians…beyond words.

Holden Village 2019-13

One of multiple labyrinths in or around the village are filled with invitations to step into a shared and blessed journey with the Spirit and all that step along with us.

Holden Village 2019-11

Thank you…(deep sigh)…thank you.

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