Stepping into divine beauty

When we begin with peaceful waters…

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-4
Echo Lake
Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-1
Echo Lake 

…it draws a gaze into the heavens with a heart full of gratitude

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-2

Then, in swims a little voice of joy and encouragement…

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-3

…”Enjoy your hike into the divine beauty of today.”

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-5
Chicago Lakes Trail

These two reminded me of the blessing of our unique, colorful and faithful partners in life.  Thank you.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-7

A bend of the knee brings a raising of the spirit.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-6Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-9

Reaching higher comes with…

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-8

…more encouragement, resulting in a spontaneous smile, from deep within.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-10

So, higher we go with reminders of where I call home.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-11

Then, a trail buddy invites me to turn around and look back to where I’ve come.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-12

Again, the heart swells with gratitude for the pulsing life that lifted me to where I stand.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-13
Looking back east towards Lower Chicago Lake with Upper Chicago Lake behind me

Now, time to sit and enjoy the nourishment for the body, while surrounded by nourishment for the eyes.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-14
Upper Chicago Lake

With the body rested and full, I turn to return and descend into a deeper sense of my identity.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-15
Waterfall from Upper to Lower Chicago Lake

Everywhere, yes EVERYWHERE I look, the Spirit reveals more and more blessings of beauty.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-16

Some are bashful and only the light reveals their hidden beauty.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-17

In flies a reminder that there is work to be done, while the Spirit soars within.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-18

This journey continues to places both familiar and new with more turns to…

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-19
Labyrinth at Idaho Springs Reservoir 

…turn back and say, “Thank you.  I am grateful, full, tired and eager to continue into the future and more beauty, divine.

Chicago Lakes 2019-8-17-20
Chicago Lakes Trail looking west

May the Spirit reveal for you the beauty that surrounds you.

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