Silver Dollar surprises and joys

The journey begins with eyes looking upwards.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-14

When Naylor and Silver Dollar lakes are behind us…

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-13

Murray Lake says, “Hello.”

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-3

I found myself resting on the rocks, next to the water…

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-5


Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-7

…subtle beauty and unexpected steps in the snow behind me.  When I turned around, I looked…

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-6

…into the eyes of a startled new friend only a few feet away.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-10

We shared the space, each very much intrigued with the other.  We each took in some refreshment.  Mine came from my back pack.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-11

Then…I was gifted with the display of God given talents that left me in awe.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-9

Then, it was time to say, “Farewell.”

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-12

With my heart full, my trail back was covered with colors of all kinds.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-1Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-2

When leaning in, this precious and delicate, blue friend blessed me with more visual blessings.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-16

Yes, the day was filled with revealings of the Spirit that grounded me in my true identity.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-17Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-18Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-19

And to top it off, a glimpse of what will be revealed soon, a new season with new revealings of the Spirit.

Silver Dollar Trail 2019-9-2-20

May the Spirit reveal for you reasons to continue up your trail, with eyes wide open.

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