A Winter’s Dance

Eyes were watching as the “dancers” approached each other.

Roxborough park 2019-10-30-15

Seems as though, it is frowned upon to intrude into another dancers, dancing partners.

Roxborough park 2019-10-30-8

So, they dance as one communicates to the other, “Don’t even think about it.”

Roxborough park 2019-10-30-9Roxborough park 2019-10-30-10Roxborough park 2019-10-30-11

That’s right, find your own dancing partners and leave mine alone.

Roxborough park 2019-10-30-13

“Dancing” makes you hungry.

Roxborough park 2019-10-30-14

By the way, there were nearly 80 others on the dance floor. Most, resting and watching.

May the Spirit reveal for you an opportunity to enjoy a dance with the season.

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