Reflecting on the faithfulness that resides and surrounds us

Reflected light from the heavens…

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-1

…reaches my path

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-32020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-5

…with an invitation to open my eyes and see.

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-22020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-142020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-6

See the life that quietly shares the neighborhood.

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-15

Continue down the path…

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-9

…and witness the beauty both frozen and flowing beside you.

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-122020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-132020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-82020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-7

Stop and gaze…gaze into the trees

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-10

Gaze deeper and be still.

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-11

Be still and reflect.  Reflect upon and into the reminder of the life that is promised.

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-16

With the promise of identity and life, continue…alive.

2020-1-18 HIghline Canal Trail-4

May the Spirit reveal the promise of Faithfulness that surrounds and resides within you.

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