On the Way…

These days can seem dark and sobering.  For me, I feel the call to connect with that which has weathered a history of dark and sobering times and persevered.

IMG_1973RSTN 5 10 2020-6

Surrounded by an energy that continues to rise and majestically welcomes yet another, new day’s illumination…

RSTN 5 10 2020-7

…I stop and stand in awe of what comes alive in front of me and within me.


With the new light’s first breath, I inhale the wonder and move along the way.

RSTN 5 10 2020-8

Wandering and wondering, along the way, I’m greeted with an invitation to see what can be with the illumination of new light.


And a glimpse of more stretches of the way, yet to come…all awakening in the same light.


Now, it is time to say thank you and farewell to the faithful reflector of light, of dark times.  I know, you will return.

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Now, is the time to welcome and celebrate the source of light and life that reveals the promise of life, along the way…today.

RSTN 5 10 2020-18

Whispers and then shouts of color can be experienced when I open my eyes to see.

RSTN 5 10 2020-17RSTN 5 10 2020-19wiRSTN 5 10 2020-20

With eyes wide open, it only takes a breath of light to reveal the path.

RSTN 5 10 2020-22

And the journey opens it arms with welcome and promise.

RSTN 5 10 2020-24

With a quick glimpse back to where I’ve been, a feeling of gratitude turns me around to continue.

RSTN 5 10 2020-25

Still filled with gratitude, I journey deeper and further into the unknown with eternal promise and hope.

RSTN 5 10 2020-26RSTN 5 10 2020-27

Another look back…more “thanks”…enough to turn me around, again, to continue…with even more gratitude.

RSTN 5 10 2020-29RSTN 5 10 2020-30

Along the way, there is always invitation to, “Be still and know…”

RSTN 5 10 2020-31RSTN 5 10 2020-32

And now, with the skies bursting with life, the path in front of me is beckoning, “Come and see.”


If you find yourself in dark and sobering times, may the Spirit reveal for you promise and hope to continue…on the way.

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