Following the Spirit, back to a revealing.

These last few days have been filled with the work of the Spirit.  Each morning, something new is revealed that fills my eyes, heart and soul.  Each morning, the invitation is before me, “Come and see.”

Monday morning I woke, the last morning of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Where shall I go to receive the light of the new day?  As I drove up and just past the turn for Moraine Park, the Spirit invited me back, back to Sprague Lake.  So, in the dark, I did a (very slow and careful) u-turn and went back to Sprague Lake.

Remember, the morning before, this is what the Spirit revealed to me.


This morning…


The morning before…




Hidden the morning before, beneath a heavy “warm” blanket of clouds, waiting to be revealed today, was…


I am overjoyed I followed the Spirit and made that, oh so careful, u-turn, and returned.

Now, while leaving the park, for the last time (on this trip anyway), I drove to where I was planning on going when I first entered that morning.

Two days prior, this is what the Spirit revealed in this place.


This morning…


Where will the Spirit lead today?  What will be revealed?  Am I being led to make a ever so careful, u-turn?  Open me to what you reveal, Spirit.  And… Thank You.

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