When the unexpected blesses you.

On this last day of sabbatical, the Spirit led me to Silver Dollar Lake Trail.  I had journeyed up this trail before, but never all the way to Silver Dollar Lake.  (January and February may have had something to do with that.)

I was surprised by the amount of snow and the Spirit revealed from deep within me, the joy I experience when the wind holds a briskness that enlivens my steps.

Naylor Lake was once again a site that invited me to stop and “Be” for a moment: “Be” in and with all that surrounded me, feel its beautiful embrace and calling.


Then, onto Silver Dollar Lake, for the first time.  I was welcomed with another invitation to “Be” again.

Silver Dollar Lake Trail

A gaze across Naylor Lake seemingly paused time and again, I was embraced with the beauty the held me.

Silver Dollar Lake Trail

The tiniest of squeaks, filled my attention and… a shared moment with this beautiful neighbor.

Silver Dollar Lake Trail

Heading down, the sound of gentle, cascading water, called me off the trail for yet another, “Be” time.


The drive along Guanella Pass was blessed with visual invitations to reflect…am I in or out?


And the color of the season filled the eyes with mover beauty.


May the Spirit reveal the beauty to embraces you, with invitations to…”Be”.


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