Beauty from the Jud Weibe Trail

Inspiration ahead of me, propels me onward.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-1

A different kind of neighborhood today.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-2

Invited to lean in and receive the intricate beauty.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-3

An abundance of invitations…

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-5Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-4

While still huffing, puffing and acting upon the invitation to sit and “be” awhile, with my heart and lungs saying, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU”… my respect was drawn to the runner who effortlessly glided onward.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-6

Funny place to place your heart, yet I did and…blessed.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-7

Ever notice that the benches seem to point you away from the majesty.  Good thing God created me with a neck that works and turns.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-11

The incoming clouds bring a message of change.  10-18 inches of snow is on the way, starting tonight.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-17

Wonder what will be revealed on the other side?

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-8

Such beauty when water, movement and sunshine come together and bless all that are lucky enough to gaze upon their relationship.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-9Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-10

Again, lean in and receive.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-12Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-13Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-14

“Relax, friend.”

Thank you for your blessed reminder.

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-16

Thank you, Telluride.  Wonder what tomorrow might look like?

Jud Weibe Trail 2018-4-19-15

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