Revealings from Down Under

After 18 hours of flying, our feet were on the ground and we were greeted with delights for our soul.

Like “Satyr”…

sydney australia 2019-1-23-8

Look at that face…not sure if we should be joining the smiles or, watching our backs.  We smiled.

sydney australia 2019-1-23-9

Like Robins back home in summer…they are everywhere.

sydney australia 2019-1-23-10

Our hotel was just below the left side of the Harbor Bridge.

Peer in, to the top of the bridge…

sydney australia 2019-1-23-5
Harbor Bridge…look close, near the top…

Climbing the bridge to get a better view of the flags seems to be a little much.  Or might there be other motivations?

sydney australia 2019-1-23-6
A group of climbers getting a closer look of the flags…and other sights.
sydney australia 2019-1-23-2
Lamp..or an UFO…still debating

There is this, somewhat familiar and MAGNIFICENT building.

sydney australia 2019-1-23-1
Sydney Opera House

sydney australia 2019-1-23-3sydney australia 2019-1-23-4sydney australia 2019-1-23-7sydney australia 2019-1-23-11sydney australia 2019-1-23-12

sydney australia 2019-1-23-14
From inside
sydney australia 2019-1-23-13
Reflection of harbor, on glass above us
sydney australia 2019-1-23-15
Concert Hall…one of seven venues of the Sydney Opera House.  No set plus no rehearsing equals…photo time!
sydney australia 2019-1-23-16
Over a million tiles make the remarkable roof.
sydney australia 2019-1-23-17
No rain gutters…no problem Mate.  We have big cracks in the floor for the rain to disappear through.

I wonder what might be revealed today?


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