Why do you rise?

One morning…One morning, away from home (or, was it?)…One morning on the Tasman Sea (or was it the Pacific, or does it matter?)…One morning that unfolded in front of me, my mouth opened, my spirit filled to overflowing, and my heart raced while being completely still and at peace…A question was gifted to me.

Why do you rise?

For me, on this day, and the days ahead,  with the Spirit’s help …

Sunrise post 2019-2-8-1Sunrise post 2019-2-8-2Sunrise post 2019-2-8-3Sunrise post 2019-2-8-4Sunrise post 2019-2-8-5Sunrise post 2019-2-8-6Sunrise post 2019-2-8-7Sunrise post 2019-2-8-8Sunrise post 2019-2-8-9

…To witness to the new and eternal light.

May the Spirit reveal for you, this day, a reason to rise.

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