Parade, Mt. Evans style

After the sun was high in the sky, it was time for the Mt. Evans parade to begin.

First, to lead the way, the “Dodge Ram”.  Actually, not a Dodge.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-4Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-5Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-6

We even had the opportunity to look into the eyes of some of the stars of the parade.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-7Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-2Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-8

Others guided our glances, out into the grandeur of the neighborhood.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-11Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-12Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-1

The next “band”.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-13

Showing off his new horns.   Get it, band…and horns.  Thanks for laughing.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-3

Others, enjoying the parade from their little corner of the neighborhood.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-17

Can you see our little friend?  She’s there.  Trust me, she really is.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-18

May the Spirit reveal a parade of awe, for you to enjoy, today.

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