Advent 1: Staying alert with anticipation

Greeted with the bite of a crisp new morning, I set out with anticipation and on the watch for…

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-2Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-3

The crisp air doesn’t allow for a “Be Still…” moment, at least not for the body, the spirit…maybe.  Some may venture on “paths as yet untrodden.”

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-4

Even in the frozen landscape, there is the hint of movement as the new, yet powerful glimmer of light releases the next gift, waiting in the collective snow flakes.

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-5

My imagination is soaring…”A snow angel, resting with her chin upon this welcomed post.”

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-7

Rising above the surface, a landscape is revealed that invites me to stand in awe.

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-8Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-9

A glance upward in a new direction, comes a reminder…

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-10

“You are loved, right where you are and just as you are.”

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-11

The Spirit is stirring within and all around.

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-12

Lean into the light

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-14Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-13

…and the power of water and light is illumined before me.

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-15

Where will your path lead you, today?

Red Rocks Park 2019-11-27-16

May the Spirit reveal for you, a light that will illumine your heart with anticipation, as you wait.

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