Hope filled preparation…Advent 2

As the daylight dwindles in this season of Advent, the light we are preparing for, waits for us to see.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-2Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-1

See the hope that surrounds us as we continue on our paths.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-4

See the hope that provides a place for us to step into the new.  Consider…what will our footprints leave behind?

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-6

Raise our eyes in hope, as we face the mountains in front of us.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-5

With this new light, comes new hues of color, illuminating the familiar with the new.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-7

Blanketed in the hues of Advent, rise with hope, as we prepare to venture into the new.  Make the crooked, straight and the rough places, smooth.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-8Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-11

In the wrapping of Advent, take a moment to “be still and know…”

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-10

The path before us is saturated with Advent hope…hope for the new light that is coming…

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-13

…And indeed, has arrived.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-12

Then, as we prepare in this hope, we venture into our days…

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-14

…taking a glance towards the light, especially when the path begins to disappear in the clouds of life.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-15

In this hope, we are reminded of the sacrificial love that stands before us.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-16

And the light, the new light of hope, fully illumines our path.

Revealing Spirit 2019-12-9-17

May the Spirit reveal for you, this hope surrounding your daily path.

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