A familiar journey into the unexpected

A morning like any other morning???  I think not.  Same sun, new light, new colors, new memories being made

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-1

Same water with new images being reflected.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-2Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-3

Familiar warning, with new evidence to confirm and baffle the imagination.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-8

What happened here?  Imagining the sound.  Pondering a sequence.  Why?  When? How?   All while a smile of awe fills my spirit.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-6Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-7Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-17Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-18

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-15

Peering into the mystery, the beauty, the relationships.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-16Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-4

All along the way, I wonder, “Will I see what I hope to see?”  Question answered, with more awe and delight.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-9Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-10

A short game with a new friend…from a distance.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-11

Yes, we connected in a way that left my head, grateful and unbruised.

Waterton Canyon 2020-2-1-13

Yes, a familiar path into the new and unexpected.  The Spirit at work.

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