Journey of life from and within the frigid darkness

Gazing from the still, and frigid dark into the anticipation of new light…beauty is revealed.

RSNT 2020-2-6-1RSNT 2020-2-6-2RSNT 2020-2-6-3

The kiss of new light illumines…

RSNT 2020-2-6-5RSNT 2020-2-6-4

…until the the light triumphs.

RSNT 2020-2-6-6

And suddenly, from around the bend, life bolts into the quiet moment.

RSNT 2020-2-6-7RSNT 2020-2-6-9

While wondering what motivated this sudden burst that rushed across the landscape…there was a pause to glance back.  Looking for the cause of the rush?

RSNT 2020-2-6-10RSNT 2020-2-6-11

As the pause grew into a string of connected, cold moments, an opportunity presents itself, to see… see the newly illuminated scene in front of me.

RSNT 2020-2-6-12IMG_0826

And then…

RSNT 2020-2-6-13

…a new friend, seemingly searching…for what…for whom?

RSNT 2020-2-6-14

Finally, the searching, catches a glimpse of those for whom were the motivation of the searching…and as I witness the scene from close by, I am blessed to see the gift of reuniting.

RSNT 2020-2-6-15

With the reuniting energy pulsing through my being, I was invited to see again, the beauty that rises up before me.

RSNT 2020-2-6-17RSNT 2020-2-6-16RSNT 2020-2-6-18RSNT 2020-2-6-19

The revealing Spirit is very much at work.  Pause, even while your hands and feet and face may be experiencing the profoundly cold air that invades your experience …and receive the beautiful and life giving scene that surrounds and envelops you.


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