Soaring with the light of the new day.

Today began in the dark, with only a glimmer, and yet the glimmer grew.

RSTN 3-24-2020-11

The glimmer found a home on fluffy puffs of color.

RSTN 3-24-2020-10

The perfect cover for a stroll…with plenty of space to between us.

RSTN 3-24-2020-9

The the light filled the sky with invitations to reflect and…

RSTN 3-24-2020-8


RSTN 3-24-2020-7

The light seemed to fill the wings with energy and direction.

RSTN 3-24-2020-6

Oh, the joy to spread our wings in the light of the new day and glide through the new day.

RSTN 3-24-2020-5

Yes, there is work that is required and energy to be shared, but we can SOAR.

RSTN 3-24-2020-1

And when our wings tire…

RSTN 3-24-2020-3

We can rest and take the beauty before us.

RSTN 3-24-2020-4

Have a seat…

RSTN 3-24-2020-2

…and soar.


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