Behold…Be-held…Be still…Be…

First footsteps onto the path.  First footsteps, in familiar yet refreshed and renewed surroundings… filled with awe.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-28

The fresh path opens to a landscape that awaits and enlivens the awe within me.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-27

My awe places my footsteps on the path upwards to…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-35

…an invitation…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-19

…an invitation to behold…be-held by the embrace of life that unfolds in front of me.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-21

Behold as the new light reveals a canvas of beauty…a dance of light scattering the darkness.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-33

A beauty of the eternal rising to bless the “here and now.”

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-32

“Look closer…” comes the forever voice of the Spirit.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-30RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-29

“There is more to be-held. Follow your own footsteps.  Trust the path.  Pay attention to the sparkle of light, all around you.”

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-26RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-25RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-24RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-23RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-14

Then…a distant invitation…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-18

…welcomes me to “be still, right here, with the source of THE light, the source of all life.”

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-15

“Be still and know.  Be still and see.”

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-16

Continuing, we now share, today, the path before us.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-5

With eyes wide open and heart full, the landscape is grand and…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-4

… delicate…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-11

…with light shining through.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-10

Sometimes, the path rises to vistas that allow you to see…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-9

…where you have been, today, and far beyond…

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-8

…and those that share this journey.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-6

All while practicing ample “social distancing.”

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-7


RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-2

…while venturing along the path and peering into the anticipation of what may be revealed next.

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-1

Be held in the light.  Behold the invitations to “Be still…”

RSTN 3-29-2020 Roxborough-34

May the Spirit reveal for you, a new day, that Light scatters the darkness.

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