What may be revealed?…

Arriving and waiting while the light show is unfolding in front of me.

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-19Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-20

I apparently was not the only one that welcomed the new light.  For a few moments, we shared space and time, in peace and harmony

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-22

Then, a departure and a revealing of the whole of who it was that I shared this space with.  Let’s just say, I was grateful we shared different banks of the same water.

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-23

Then my neighbor returned.

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-21

Mystery…what is keeping you so busy and “still”?

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-24

Soon, I was welcomed to observe…from a distance, the magical handiwork, or should I say, “teeth and claw” work, of my beautiful new friend.

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-27Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-28Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-29

While observing, I thought, “Next time I enjoy corn on the cob, I will remember to take my time and enjoy each kernel.

I’m not sure whether my friend’s “work” was complete or if I was starting to infringe on what was normally, “alone time”.  But it was time to move on…

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-31

“Thank you for sharing this precious time with me.”

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-32

Take a moment to be still and watch for what might be revealed in or around you.

Absorbing the beauty 4-3-2020-33

The Spirit will always reveal life.  May you receive and be blessed.

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