Promised Resurrection, here and now

The skies clear, cold’s grip is tight and yet… a glow of new life is promised.

RSTN 4-15-2020-2RSTN 4-15-2020-1

New life, reflected from the ancient.

RSTN 4-15-2020-7

New life, prepares to illumine the darkness

RSTN 4-15-2020-3

The new light illumines…

RSTN 4-15-2020-4RSTN 4-15-2020-5

…Promised Resurrection, Resurrected life, here and now.

RSTN 4-15-2020-8

Standing in the promise of light that no darkness will overcome.

RSTN 4-15-2020-9RSTN 4-15-2020-10RSTN 4-15-2020-15

Promised resurrection gives flight and excitement for the landing.

RSTN 4-15-2020-11RSTN 4-15-2020-12RSTN 4-15-2020-13

Be still…

RSTN 4-15-2020-16

…Know the resurrected life, here and now.

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