This morning, its not about what you can see

Easter Monday welcomed me into this…

RSTN 4-13-2020-18

Glimpses between the snow flakes revealed hints of resilience.

RSTN 4-13-2020-1

Second time around, a little more light and more to be revealed.

RSTN 4-13-2020-33

Resillience… calm… observant…

RSTN 4-13-2020-3RSTN 4-13-2020-5RSTN 4-13-2020-6RSTN 4-13-2020-7


RSTN 4-13-2020-8RSTN 4-13-2020-9RSTN 4-13-2020-10RSTN 4-13-2020-11RSTN 4-13-2020-12RSTN 4-13-2020-13

Peering deeper…

RSTN 4-13-2020-17

…then, life flew into view.

RSTN 4-13-2020-14RSTN 4-13-2020-15RSTN 4-13-2020-16

With just enough light now to reveal the new blanket of white.

RSTN 4-13-2020-34RSTN 4-13-2020-35RSTN 4-13-2020-20RSTN 4-13-2020-36

The effort that is required on mornings like this…

RSTN 4-13-2020-21RSTN 4-13-2020-22RSTN 4-13-2020-23RSTN 4-13-2020-24RSTN 4-13-2020-25RSTN 4-13-2020-26RSTN 4-13-2020-27RSTN 4-13-2020-28RSTN 4-13-2020-29

On this day, peer into the faint areas of life and receive the life that will be revealed.

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