A family that fluffs together…

Following the leader for some time to fluff the feathers.

RMNP 2020-6-29-14

But first, some significant effort is demanded in order to continue to follow.

RMNP 2020-6-29-15

…Then, fluff time.

RMNP 2020-6-29-25

Others choose a nearby salon.

RMNP 2020-6-29-17RMNP 2020-6-29-20

Our eyes meet and somehow, we know…

RMNP 2020-6-29-18

…its ok to fluff.

RMNP 2020-6-29-19

Siblings arrive to share the space and a family fluff.

RMNP 2020-6-29-22RMNP 2020-6-29-24RMNP 2020-6-29-26RMNP 2020-6-29-28

Mom joins them on their salon and…

RMNP 2020-6-29-30

…the salon is filled to capacity…8.

RMNP 2020-6-29-31

Then, it the call came for…

RMNP 2020-6-29-27

…all to move along

RMNP 2020-6-29-32

After the morning fluff, we look gooood.

RMNP 2020-6-29-29

May the Spirit bless you with moments of fluff.

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  1. Amazing capture!’ Loved your captions along with super pics! I’m sure you had lots of smiles!
    Thank you

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