Oh, What a Beautiful Morning…

Some mornings begin and the only light illuminating the world is the light from above.  And, it is more than enough, even invigorating.

RMNP 2020-6-29-1RMNP 2020-6-29-5RMNP 2020-6-29-13RMNP 2020-6-29-6RMNP 2020-6-29-7With new light illuminating the neighborhood, the invitation to continue on the path ahead beckons the spirit…

RMNP 2020-6-29-12

…to see what light can do.

RMNP 2020-6-29-10RMNP 2020-6-29-34RMNP 2020-6-29-35RMNP 2020-6-29-38RMNP 2020-6-29-39

May the Spirit illumine the path that beckons you.

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