Lenten Reflections from Roxborough: There is beautiful wisdom promised, here.

When the day seems dark and dreary, reminders of strength rise in front of me when I look for it.

Roxborough 3-15-2020-1

Rising all around me, promise emerges in the wilderness.

Roxborough 3-15-2020-2Roxborough 3-15-2020-3

Promise that I am in this for the long haul, weathered and worn and still rising up to the skies.

Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-3Roxborough 3-15-2020-5

And then…light breaks through, upon the solid promises and illumines the valley.  Shadows retreat.

Roxborough 3-15-2020-9

Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-9

Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-8

With the light revealing the promises rising around me, I glance at the path and find more promise.  Promise of new life.

Roxborough 3-15-2020-13

Yes, my friends, the promise of life and presence of the Spirit, fill the valleys that were once covered in shadow.

Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-10Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-12

And, my oh my, I am filled with the same promises and the same light that is gifted to us, every day.  The Spirit is at work and my eyes are opened to beauty, divine.

Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-11

The journey continues…and not without the promises.

Roxborough 3-15-2020 phone-13

May the Spirit reveal for you the promises of life and the light that no darkness will overcome.



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